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the V&A mark II

Well it took a few weeks to get around to this post but these are the photos I took at the V&A when I made my return visit. I spent quite a bit of time in the textiles gallery focussing on SCA period textiles and embroidery. I also managed to find the plaster cast gallery (I could see it from the floor above when I walked along the gallery but it was difficult to actually locate on the ground) which had a lot of casts of period funeral effigies.


The Museum of London

Tuesday was spent at the Museum of London. We had a behind the scenes look at some of the costumes but I signed an agreement that I wouldn’t upload the costume photos to the web. So I’ve uploaded all my photos from the medieval gallery instead. The one disappointting thing is that the gift shop didn’t have the Museum of London series on medieval clothing and accessories so I’ll probably be putting in an order with Mainly Medieval when I get home.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Monday morning was spent at the Victoria and Albert museum, there was a lot of cool stuff to see (I could have spent a week in the textiles gallery) but it was so rushed I barely got to see half of what I wanted to see. I was also dealing with a new camera (I lost my camera on public transport on Saturday, I bought a new one on Sunday, but it sometimes disagrees with me on whether or not the flash is a good idea). So I went back for a less hurried visit during my free time today (Thursday). These are photos from Monday’s trip, photos from my Thursday trip to the V&A will follow in another post.

Tower of London

On Friday morning we met the tour group from America and after a coach tour around London we checked into our hotel and then headed out to the Tower of London, I skipped some of it (especially the white tower and the chapel) but took photos mainly in the Medieval palace section.

Hampton Court

Between the Weald and Downland museum and Hampton court I have skipped over two days because I don’t have any photos I can share. On Monday we drove up to Herefordshire to see the costume collection at Berrington hall, and the Hereford city museum, but we were only allowed to take photos for personal use, we then drove back down to Reading where Aylwen’s relatives made us very welcome and took us to see Windsor Castle on Tuesday, but I wasn’t inspired to take photos. So we’re now up to Wednesday and Hampton Court where I took a lot of pictures including a costumed interpretation of the celebrations surrounding Henry VIII’s wedding to Catherine Parr.