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Warwick Castle

My final point in Warwickshire was Warwick Castle, it was a lot of fun and although it was touristy it wasn’t as bad as I had been led to expect (though the admission prices were steep I had a card that got me in for free, I don’t think it would have actually been worth the admission price) There were a lot of costumes on guides of varying quality, the medieval costumes were obviously custom made and were pretty good except for the lack of headwear, but the guides in the Victorian section of the house were obviously wearing modern stuff but they seemed to hope that a black outfit with a long skirt and a white apron made them look automatically like a Victorian maid, and the men were wearing modern suits. The costumes on the waxwork figures, however, looked really good (it’s run by Madam Tussauds so there were a lot of wax figures)

I missed the firing of the trebuchet as I had to leave early to try to avoid the worst of the traffic when I arrived in London.


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