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Stratford on Avon

I visited Stratford on Avon, but as I wasn’t there to worship at the shrine of Shakespeare I decided to skip the properties in the middle of town where Shakespeare actually lived and instead saw two typical 16th century cottages, first Mary Arden’s house (Shakespeare’s mother) which is run as a working farm in Tudor style, there are even costumed people doing the work (though apparently since 2000 they have discovered that the house that had always been known as Mary Arden’s house and is run as a Tudor farm is actually the wrong property and Mary Arden actually lived in the house next door, (which the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust bought in the 70s). So Mary Arden’s actual house is set with the Victorian fixtures it had when the last owner left and the neighbour’s house is run as a Tudor farm.

The second was Anne Hathaway’s cottage, the house where Shakespeare’s wife lived before her marriage and where Shakespeare courted her (and given that their first child was born less than 9 months after their wedding something more than harmless flirtation probably happened in the house).


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